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Publication Form Number

Form Description

31TR3600 2012 Honda Civic 4-Door Owner’s Manual
31TR3800 2012 Honda Civic Navigation System Owner’s Manual
31TR3M00 2012 Honda Civic Service History
31TR3A00 2012 Honda Civic 4-Door Technology Reference Guide (DX)
31TR3B00 2012 Honda Civic 4-Door Technology Reference Guide (LX/HF)
31TR3C00 2012 Honda Civic 4-Door Technology Reference Guide (EX/EX-L/Si)
31TR3D00 2012 Honda Civic 4-Door Technology Reference Guide (EX/EX-L/Si with Navigation)
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For Canadian Owners:

Si vous avez besoin d'un Manuel du Conducteur en français, veuillez demander à votre concessionnaire de commander le numéro de pièce 33TR3C00

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