Driver’s Seat Power Adjustments

EX-L and Canadian EX models

See pages for important safety information and warnings about how to properly position the seats and seatbacks.

The controls for the power adjustable driver’s seat are on the outside edge of the seat bottom. You can adjust the seat with the ignition switch in any position. Make all seat adjustments before you start driving.

The front passenger’s seat can be adjusted manually (see the next page).

Moves the seat forward

Moves the seat forward and backward.

Moves the front of the

Moves the front of the seat up or down.

Raises or lowers the seat.

Raises or lowers the seat.

Moves the whole seat up

Moves the whole seat up and forward, or down and backward. The front of the seat also tilts up or down at the same time.

Adjusts the seat-back

Adjusts the seat-back angle forward or backward.

Increases or decreases

Increases or decreases the lumbar support.

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