To Defog and Defrost

To remove fog from the inside of the windows:

1. Set the fan to the desired speed, or high for faster defrosting.

2. Select automatically switches to fresh air. The system
automatically switches to fresh air mode and turns on the A/C. The A/C indicator will not come on if it was off to start with.

3. Adjust the temperature so the airflow feels warm.

4. Select  clear the rear window. to help
clear the rear window.

5. To increase airflow to the windshield, close the corner vents.

When you switch to or, from
, the A/C stays on. or
This helps prevent the windows from, the A/C stays on.

This helps prevent the windows from rapidly fogging up when the air is suddenly routed away from the windshield. If you want to turn the A/C off, press and release the A/C button twice. The indicator in the button comes on and then goes off.

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