Disc Scan

When you press the SCAN side of the SCAN/A. SEL bar repeatedly until you see D-SCAN in the center display, or push the interface selector to the right, the first track of the current disc plays for about 10 seconds. You will see SCAN next to DISC on the screen. The disc number is blinking and SCAN is also shown in the center display. To listen to the rest of the disc, press and hold the SCAN side of the bar until you hear a beep, or push the interface selector to the right again within 10 seconds.

If you don’t, the system advances to the next disc, plays about 10 seconds of its first track, and continues through the rest of the discs the same way. When the system reaches the last disc, DISC SCAN is canceled, and that disc continues to play.

To Select Repeat or Random Mode:

You can select any type of repeat and

You can select any type of repeat and random modes by using the interface dial.

Push the AUDIO button to display the audio information on the screen, then scroll down by pushing down the selector to select the audio menu.

Turn the interface knob to select a

Turn the interface knob to select a desired repeat or random mode, then press ENTER to set your selection.

To cancel the selected repeat or random mode, have the selected mode highlighted, then press ENTER on the interface selector.

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