Using the Paddle Shifters in the D position (D-Paddle Shift Mode)

V6 models only

When you are driving in theD position, you can shift the transmission up or down manually with the paddle shifters.

To shift up or down, use the +

To shift up or down, use the + (right) or - (left) paddle shifter on either side of the steering wheel.

Each time you pull + (right), the

Each time you pull + (right), the transmission shifts to a higher gear.

Pull - (left) to downshift. You will see the selected gear number on the instrument panel.

When you pull either paddle shifter, the gear position indicator shows you the selected gear number.

Downshifting with the paddle shifter allows you to increase the engine braking when going down steep or long hills, and provides more power when climbing uphills. You can upshift the transmission manually to reduce the rpm.

The transmission control system monitors the accelerator pedal use and your driving conditions. When you press the accelerator pedal as in normal driving, the system judges that you are driving at a constant cruising speed without using the paddle shifters. Under these conditions, D-paddle shift mode is canceled, and the transmission automatically returns to drive mode (D).

Hold the + paddle shifter for 2 seconds to return to drive mode (D).

When the transmission returns to drive mode (D), the displayed gear number disappears.

The transmission remains in the selected gear if you do not accelerate.

Each time you pull either paddle shifter, the transmission shifts one gear up or down. If you want to shift up or down more than two gears, pull the paddle shifter twice, pause, and then pull it again.

The automatic transmission will not allow you to shift up or down if:

You downshift before the engine speed reaches the highest threshold of the lower gear.

If you try to do this, the gear position indicator will flash the number of the lower gear several times, then return to a higher gear.

You upshift before the engine speed reaches the lowest threshold of the higher gear.

You pull both paddle shifters at the same time.

The transmission downshifts to first gear and returns to drive mode (D) when the vehicle comes to a complete stop or the vehicle speed is about 6 mph (10 km/h).

If there is a problem in the transmission while you are driving with the paddle shifters, the D indicator flashes, the D-paddle shift mode is canceled, and the transmission returns to drive mode (D).

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