Using the Paddle Shifters in the S position (Sequential Shift Mode)

V6 models only

With the shift lever in the S position, you can manually shift up or down with the paddle shifters. The transmission goes into the sequential shift mode and holds the selected gear.

To enter the sequential shift mode, press the release button on the front of the shift lever, move the lever to the S position, then pull either paddle shifter. To return to drive mode (D), move the shift lever to the D position.

While you are driving in the sequential shift mode, the transmission will not automatically return to drive mode (D).

When you move the shift lever from

When you move the shift lever from ‘‘D’’ to ‘‘S’’ position and pull either paddle shifter, the gear position indicator displays ‘‘M’’ along with the selected gear number.

To upshift, pull the + (right) paddle shifter. To downshift, pull the - (left) paddle shifter.

When you accelerate from a stop, the transmission starts in first gear, and you must manually upshift between first and fifth gears.Make sure you upshift before the engine speed reaches the tachometer’s red zone.

The transmission remains in the selected gear (5, 4, 3, 2, or 1). There is no automatic downshift when you push the accelerator pedal to the floor.

When you are driving in 4th or 5th gear, the transmission downshifts to the lower gear under the following conditions:

The vehicle slows down to a certain speed.

You press the brake pedal.

Downshifting with the paddle shifter allows you to increase the engine braking when going down steep or long hills, and provides more power when climbing uphills. You can upshift the transmission manually to reduce the rpm.

The transmission also shifts automatically as the vehicle comes to a complete stop. It downshifts to first gear when the vehicle speed reaches 6 mph (10 km/h) or less.

The automatic transmission will not allow you to shift up or down if:

You downshift before the engine speed reaches the highest threshold of the lower gear.

If you try to do this, the gear position indicator will flash the number of the lower gear several times, then return to a higher gear.

If the vehicle speed decreases below the redline of the selected lower gear while the indicator is flashing, the transmission downshifts, and the indicator displays the selected gear.

You upshift before the engine speed reaches the lowest threshold of the higher gear.

You pull both paddle shifters at the same time.

Starting in Second Gear

When you are in sequential shift mode, and the vehicle is stopped, pull the + (right) paddle shifter to shift to second gear. You will see ‘‘M2’’ in the display. Starting in second gear helps to reduce wheelspin in deep snow or on a slippery surface.

Recommended Shift Points

Drive in the highest gear that lets the engine run and accelerate smoothly. This will give you good fuel economy and effective emissions control. The following shift points are recommended:


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