Replacing a Front Turn Signal/Parking Light Bulb

1.  Open the hood.

1.  Open the hood.

To change the turn signal bulb on the passenger’s side, remove the engine coolant reserve tank by pulling it out of its stay.

Driver’s side on V6 models

Remove the air intake duct.

2. Remove the socket from the

2. Remove the socket from the headlight assembly by turning it one-quarter turn counterclockwise.

3. To remove the burned out bulb, push it in and turn it counterclockwise until it unlocks.

4. Install the new bulb and turn it clockwise to lock it in place.

5. Insert the socket back into the headlight assembly. Turn it clockwise to lock it in place.

6. Turn on the lights to make sure the new bulb is working.

7. Passenger’s side

Reinstall the coolant reserve tank.

Driver’s side on V6 models

Reinstall the air intake cover and duct securely. Reinstall the fastener and secure it by pushing on the head until it locks.

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