Gauges include the speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, and related indicators.

They are displayed when the ignition switch is in ON Press and hold the km/mile change knob until you.

Press and hold the km/mile change knob until you hear a beep. The speedometer reading and the displayed measurements switch between mph and km/h.


Displays your driving speed in mph or km/h.


Shows the number of engine revolutions per minute.

■Fuel Gauge

Displays the amount of fuel left in the fuel tank.


You should refuel when the reading approaches Running out of fuel can cause the engine to misfire,.

Running out of fuel can cause the engine to misfire, damaging the catalytic converter.

The actual amount of remaining fuel may differ from the fuel gauge reading.

■Instant Fuel Economy Gauge

Shows the instant fuel economy as a bar graph in mpg or l/100km.

Press and hold the km/mile change knob to switch the measurement.

■i-VTEC and REV Indicators

■ i-VTEC indicator

■ i-VTEC indicator Comes on when the i-VTEC system switches the low RPM cams to the high RPM cams.

■ REV indicators
Come on when the tachometer reading approaches the red zone on a scale of one to six.

When the fifth indicator (red) comes on, the engine has reached its maximum output.

When all the indicators are on, the tachometer reading is on the verge of entering into the red zone.

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