Locking a Door Without Using a Key

■ Locking the driver's door

■ Locking the driver's door

Models with remote transmitter

Push the lock tab forward 1 or push the master door lock switch in the lock direction 2, and close the door.

Models without remote transmitter

Pull and hold the outside door handle, then push the lock tab forward 1.

Release the handle, then close the door.

■ Locking the passenger's doors

Push the lock tab forward and close the door.

Models with remote transmitter

■ Lockout prevention system

The doors cannot be locked when the key is in the ignition switch, and any door is open.

Models with remote transmitter

When you lock the driver's door, all the other doors lock at the same time.

Make sure you have the key in your hand before locking the door to prevent it from being locked in the vehicle.

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