The heater uses engine coolant to warm the

The heater uses engine coolant to warm the air.

1. Adjust the fan speed using the fan control dial.

2. Select 3. Adjust the temperature using the.

3. Adjust the temperature using the temperature control dial.

When you select mode automatically, the
mode automatically switches to fresh air.

■ To rapidly warm up the interior

1. Set the fan to the maximum speed.

2. Select 3. Set the temperature to maximum warm..

3. Set the temperature to maximum warm.

4. Press the on). button (the indicator

Change to fresh air mode as soon as the interior gets warm enough. The windows may fog up if kept in recirculation mode.

■ To dehumidify the interior

When used in combination with the heater, the air conditioning system makes the interior warm and dry and can prevent the windows from fogging up.

1. Turn the fan on.

2. Press the A/C button to turn on the air conditioning.

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