How to Select a Play Mode

You can select repeat, random, and scan modes when playing a track or file.

1. Press the SETUP button.

1. Press the SETUP button.

2. Rotate press . to select a mode, then
press ■ To turn off a play mode.

■ To turn off a play mode

1. Press the SETUP button.

2. Rotate then press . to select NORMAL PLAY,
then press Press the  button to go.

Press the back to the previous button to go
back to the previous display, and press the SETUP button twice to cancel this setting mode.

Play Mode Menu Items NORMAL PLAY RPT ONE TRK: Repeats the current track/file(s).

RPT ONE FLD files in the: Repeats all
files in the current folder.

RDM IN DISC: Plays all tracks/files in random order.

RDM IN FLD in the current: Plays all files
in the current folder in random order.

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